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Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor - Review


Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor was introduced in India few weeks back. I bought one and it helped me recently when my car tyre punctured.  So thought I will share my experience. The above photo was taken when I used it in real life situation. This can be a life saver when you are going for a long distance travel. If you use a tubeless tyre, even if the tyre is flat, you can fill the tyre and reach a person who will fix it for you.

Morning I found one tyre is having a very low pressure, so filled it using this device. And travelled (charged the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor from car while travelling) and by noon when I was about to return, found another tyre is flat (a puncture). Used it to fill and reached a service centre with out any issues and changed the tyres ((they were at the end of their life).

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is a small device (124mm X 71mm X 45.3mm excluding the air hose with a weight of 547 grams) which helps you to fill air on your vehicle’s tyres. It is a portable device which you can charge from a power bank or from your vehicle itself if you have a Car charger or so. It comes with a 2000mAh. I used this device to fill air on a completely flat tyre with out any issue. It will take some time nearly 5 minutes to fill it.


Charging – Micro USB (5V 2A), Almost 3 Hours to fully charge the device.

4 pre-sets

image  image image image

The pre-set values you can change, but the changes cannot be saved.

It also have a LED light for emergency




+ and – used to adjust the pressure, Center button is used to Start and stop. Other two buttons are used to select Pre-Set and On/Off for the LED light.

How to Operate


1. Just release the Air hose to turn it on (open end is marked in red)


2. Set the pressure (select preset or set your own choice)

Connect Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor, when you connect it will display the current pressure. Press the center button to start the compression, the digital display will show the present pressure.


The current Price is INR 2499, The product is out of stock as of now, you can use “Notify” button on the website to know when it will come on stock.

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor