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Mi 20,000mAh power bank - Specifications, price and availability

20000mAh Powerbank

Xiaomi is introducing their high capacity 20,000mAh power banks to India.

Let us have a look on the features of the device. This Mi Power bank is a 20,000mAh one which uses high density lithium-ion battery cells of Panasonic or LG support fast charging compared to the previous models. The company claims that with a 3 hour of charging it will achieve 11,000mAh and 7 Hours to charge it full. Xiaomi offers a 93% of conversion rate with a minimum of 12700mAh output. (Normal power banks offer a maximum output of 60% )

Mi 20000mAh powerbank


Two out put ports

5.1v/3.6A Dual USB output for faster charging of your devices. Mi claims it can charge the latest MacBook

Weight 338 grams

Nine layers of circuit protection – Temperature resistance, short-circuit protection, Reset mechanism, input and output over voltage protection, automatic charger protection, output over current protection, over charge and over discharge protection, protective circuits for the cells

Scratch resistant, anti slip and heat resistant case which uses environmentally friendly materials.

The power bank will costs INR 1,699 which is pretty decent cost for a big power backup like this. Below you can see a price comparison of power banks available in India now.

Company Capacity (mAh) Price Remarks
Asus Zenpower 10,050 Rs. 1,499 Have only one output port, Li-ion battery
OnePlus 10,000 RS. 1,399 Li-Polymer battery
Lenovo 13,000 Rs. 1,699

Li-ion battery

Intex 11,000 Rs. 929 on Snapdeal and Rs. 892 on Paytm

Li-ion battery

Huawei 13,000 Rs. 1,399 3 output ports and flash light
Yu 10,000 Rs. 1,099 Li-Polymer battery
Mi 16,000 Rs. 1,399

Li-ion battery

Mi 20,000 Rs. 1,699

Li-ion battery


As we posted yesterday, Mi Fan Festival–Chance to win Mi 5, Redmi Note 3,Speakers, Flash sale of Redmi Note 3 3GB/32GB , open sale of 20000mAh power bank and more , the power bank will be on sale tomorrow (April 6, 2016) in India. The sales will be at 11Am, 2Pm and 5PM.

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