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Get Limbo for free on GOG if you own it on Steam

It's officially Limbo week people. Yesterday, we reported that Limbo for Android, is on sale for Rs. 10 in India.

Limbo Free GOG

And now, Playdead, the developers of the game, have released the original PC/Mac version of the game on our favorite DRM free game store, GOG.

Limbo is on sale on GOG, for 80% off its regular price, to celebrate the launch on Good Old Games. You can get it for just $1.99, until November 27.

But if you already own it on Steam, you can get Limbo for free on GOG Connect, the promo which debuted earlier this year. Simply visit the GOG connect page, login (or create) to your GOG account, and link your Steam account to GOG (your Steam account profile should be public). Then click on the add game button, and it should be  permanently added to your GOG library, from where you can download it anytime you want to. Chances are you may have Limbo in your Steam library already, from a recent Humble Bundle promo, where it was given away for free. So head to GOG connect ang snag another copy, this time a DRM free version.

P.S: The Steam Autumn Sale 2016 begins tomorrow, so may want to wait for a sale to get a copy of Limbo for a discounted price, and then claim a free copy of it on GOG.

LIMBO will be available for free on GOG Connect, until January 1, 2017.