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Junk Jack Android version screenshots teased, game release date to be announced soon

Junk Jack is one of the most popular iOS games ever. It is sort of like a 2d-Minecraft game and is very much similar to Terraria.

Junk Jack Android Game

Pixbits, the developer of the crafting based game, has long denied Android users the joy of playing the game on their beloved platform. This is mostly due to the coding work involved, and is understandable.

A few months ago, Pixbits announced the launch of Junk Jack for PC, on Steam, and revealed it had been working on an Android version. Little has been known about the development process of the game ever since, until a few days ago. Over the weekend, Pixbits took to its blog to share a screenshot of Junk Jack running on Android devices.

The picture you see above shows an Android tablet and the graphics do look good. There is a phone in the background, which looks like a Samsung Galaxy S series phone, and we can just make the works Junk Jack written on the top of the screen. We think it is the title screen of the game.

Junk Jack for Android does not have a release date yet, but a company representative took to reddit to say that an announcement is coming soon. It is unclear whether Junk Jack for Android ill be released for free, or a paid game like the iOS version.

via: Pixbits and Reddit