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Indian Courier services - Not just reviews, but a closer look at our personal experiences - II

Now here is the second part of our article Indian Courier services - Not just reviews, but a closer look at our personal experiences 

Aramex (

This is courier service used by few Indian online shopping portals for deliveries. One such portal is Rather than going back in time, I would like to share my recent experience. For my recent order with Amazon, I could see that my package was "Received at Operations Facility" on 9/12/2015 2:14:00 PM, however post then there is no action being taken on the same. The package is deliberately being stocked and not let out for delivery. I'll later update as to how many days it took from "Received at Operations Facility" to "Delivered".

India Post

This is a postal service from Indian government. I haven't used it for sending any courier/packages, but only receiving. I had so far received  packages on time, one being my passport and other being an international shipment. Also my experience using them for sending local posts/letter has been good over the last 2 years.


I had used their services indirectly, receiving an international shipment. I was called on my number and asked to upload few documents to avoid any issue with customs. All was done within seconds. The package was received without any damage and service was good.


This courier service charges a lot and hence I have never used their service.


This is quite reliable service and I have availed their services for sending not only small packages, but also a suitcase. Not even once I have had any issue with them.

Professional Courier (

I used to avail their services regularly for sending outstation courier. But then one incident changed it all. My mother has sent me a package containing an old Nokia mobile, some dry fruit packages and home-made sweets. When I received the package, mobile was missing and half of dry fruit packages were gone. The main box clearly showed sign of tampering (though hard to catch if not checked closely) and the THIEF had nicely used a matching brown cello tape to cover the crime. I still retain the courier/tracking details and the box. Also I have the email chains sent to their escalation contact. I would not recommend them ever again, no matter how cheaper they cost. Definitely not professional.

Gojavas (

This is a courier service used by Jabong (, an online Indian shopping portal, for their deliveries. For all of my orders places with Jabong I have had faced issues with Gojavas delivering the package on time and making a door delivery. Their delivery person would contact either via SMS or a missed call. Then he would command you to come and collect the package as he is too busy making other deliveries. If ever you ask for a door delivery, he would disconnect the call, letting you wait for hour and days for delivery to happen again. I have made email as well as telephonic complaints to Jabong for pathetic experience with Gojavas, but nothing improved. Result - I stopped shopping at Jabong.

I have few other experiences to share with you all, so keep a watch for an update on this post.