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How to fix yellow tint on a monitor: Some basic steps to check if it is a hardware issue

Earlier today, one of  my desktop monitors had an issue, when the display colours faded and washed out, and the screen had a yellow tint. It was like a very strong bluelight filter had been applied on it.  The monitor was working fine until then, and even after it had the tint.


This made me suspect that the issue could not be with the hardware. So you may want to try these steps before buying a new monitor. Here's how I fixed it.

How to fix yellow tint on a monitor

1. First use the monitors hardware buttons to turn it on and off, and see if the colour profile has been changed. Adjust the colour temperature, contrast, brightness, etc to see if it resolves the issue.

2. Check the cable to see if it has becaome loose. Plug a different cable if you have a spare. If you have multiple ports like VGA, DVI, HDMI on your graphics card, connect your monitor to one of these.

3. Go to the display settings from the Control Panel, and calibrate the monitor.

4. Finally, download the latest drivers for your graphics card, and install them. If the one you have already is the latest, simply uninstall it from the device manager, and reinstall it.

5. If you have another PC or a laptop, connect the monitor to it, to rule out issues with the monitor.

Step 4 solved it for me. What I did was download the latest Nvidia graphics drivers (which was released yesterday), and did a clean install of it. You can find the options for doing so, in the install process.

During the installation of the driver, your monitor may flicker or turn on and off, And the screen magically returned to the original colourful state, and is working fine.

What could have caused the issue?

I am not sure, it happened randomly. MY guess is the driver may have gotten corrupted, like it happened with my keyboard, when it wouldn’t type the proper letters and instead typed symbols.

Unfortunately in my sort of panicked state, I didn’t snap a photo of the yellow tint on the monitor.