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How to download the Windows 10 Creators Update and what’s new in the latest version

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Creators Update, its first major update to the operating system, since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which was released back in August 2016.

Windows 10 Creators Update download 2

What’s new in Windows 10 Creators Update?

Microsoft hasn’t actually released a list of Windows 10 Creators Update new features. But here is what we think are the most important

  • Nightlight
  • Game Mode
  • Paint 3D
  • Dynamic Lock
  • Edge enhancements

There are a few new features in it such as Nightlight which you can find under Settings > Display. It reduces the bluelight emitted by your display, to help you sleep better.

Windows 10 Creators Update Night Light

There is a new Game mode available from Settings > Gaming, which allows the PC to reduce the memory usage of background tasks, to ensure you have a great gaming experience.

Windows 10 Creators Update Gaming 

Windows 10 Creators Update Game Mode

A new app called Paint 3D is available, which helps you draw and create three-dimensional models very easily.

Windows 10 Creators Update Paint 3D

Dynamic Lock is a device specific setting, which checks for a Windows 10 compatible device you have paired to the Windows 10 PC, and locks the PC when the device is not found in range. The option is listed under Settings > Accounts > Sign-in

Windows 10 Creators Update Dynamic Lock

Microsoft Edge has a slew of new features now, inlcuding support for Set aside tabs for later, Find the tab you need with Tab Preview, Books hub with support for epub books, full-color emoji, etc.

Windows 10 Creators Update Edge Enhancements

Now, Microsoft has not begun rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update to all users just yet, The official rollout only begins on April 11th. But you can download it right now. But there is a catch. the PC has to be running an activated copy of the operating system, with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed on it.  You can check if you have the correct version by pressing Windows + R, and typing in winver, and hitting enter. If it says Windows 10 1407 Build 14393, you have the Anniversary Update.

How to download the Windows 10 Creators Update

1. Visit the official Windows Upgrade Assistant Download page here or here

2. Run the downloaded application on the PC which you wish to upgrade.

3. Click on Update now, and it will download the update, and verify it. After which the installation will begin.

Windows 10 Creators Update download

The winver version of the Windows 10 Creators Update is Windows 10 1703 Build 15063.13

Windows 10 Creators Update

How long does it take to install Windows 10 Creators Update?

It depends on your PC’s processing power. If you have an i5 system like mine, it will be installed within 20 minutes. But the download is not speedy.

Microsoft's servers were quite slow last night when the update was released, perhaps due to the fact that many enthusiastic users were downloading the update ASAP. And even with my 150 Mbps connection, it took a good 20 minutes for the update to download on my PC, after which it verified the update, and began installing it. But to be fair, this was an unattended installation, which had timers for rebooting the PC automatically. So, I’m not entirely sure how long it took for the update to complete on my PC, but I’d say it was around 20 minutes.

On my laptop which I updated today, the download was much faster. I started the Update at about 12:21 PM today, and it downloaded 50% by 12:27 PM. And it finished downloading completely by 12:33 PM. The installation again, was slow, and took about 30 minute to complete.


On my PC, I had no trouble installing the update, and it works fine. On my laptop, though, it failed to boot, and I had to revert to a previous snapshot taken by a thrid party time machine software called RollBack RX Pro. So I’d advise readers to take a full system image using Windows backup, or Macrium or whatever you use before updating to the Creators Update.