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How to change your password

For security reasons you may need to change your passwords. For some services it is not that easy to find the change password option. Here is how you can change your password for the Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Adsense and google services.
1. Hotmail (Both Classic and Full version)

  • Login to Hotmail
  • Your username will be displayed at the right side, just above the sign out with a downward  arrow, click on that
  • Click View your account
  • Password reset information Password: ****** Change, Click on that Change link
  • Or in the common tasks listed right side there is a Change your password link
  • A window will appear to enter the details

2. Yahoo mail (Both Old and New)

  • Click on the My Account link at the top
  • It will ask for your password, enter the password
  • In this page Password:  Change Password, click on the change password link

3. Gmail (Google accounts )

  • Login
  • Click on Settings (Right Top)
  • Click on the Accounts Tab
  • Google Account settings – Click on the link Google Account settings
  • Click on Change Password link

4. Google Adsense

  • Login
  • Click My Account tab
  • Click on [edit in Google Accounts]
  • Click on change password link

5. Any Google Service