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Get Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k, Rome Total War and Medieval II: Total War for $1

Humble Bundle is offering one of its best bundles in a long time.

Humble Sega Bundle

It is called the Humble SEGA Strategy Bundle and features a combination of RTS and TBS games.

The first tier aka the Pay what you want or $1 tier nets you the following games:

  • Company of Heroes Complete Edition: - Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Master Collection: (Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War Game of the Year Edition, Dark Crusade, Soulstorm, Winter Assault)
  • Medieval II: Total War Collection - Medieval II: Total War and Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
  • Rome: Total War Collection - Rome: Total War and Rome: Total War – Alexander
  • SEGA Genesis/Megadrive Strategy Pack - Shining Force, Shining Force 2, Gain Ground and Columns

The beat the average tier (BTA), which currently is just over $6.30 offers the following games:

  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II - Grand Master Collection: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising, Retribution and all of its DLCs
  • Eastside Hockey Manager
  • Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai Collection
  • More games will be added next week to the 2nd tier.

The third and most expensive tier will grant you two more games:

  • Total War: ATTILA
  • Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection - Base Game + All expansions and all DLCs
    Warning: The key that you get for buying the bundle is one unified key. So even if you own one of the games in a bundle, and want to get one of the other games, the only way is to use the key and get them all. That means you cannot give a particular game to a friend.

With this in mind, the only tier I can recommend is the $1 basic bundle, it is completely worth your money, especially with the World War 2 themed Company of Heroes which has a remarkable singleplayer campaign allowing you to play as the Allies (American, British Forces) and one as the Axis (Germans), and lets you control squads of soldiers, engineers, mortar teams, lone gunmen like snipers, vehicles like tanks, halftracks and more.

The Warhammer series is similar to CoH, in that you control squads of soldiers (with customizable weapons), and also has heroes (with special powers) and squad leaders and vehicles. But it it is set far into the future where humans battle Orks (orcs basically), Eldar (ancient tech/magic race), and Chaos forces.

Total War is of course a hybrid between Turn Based Strategy for map view and Real Time Strategy in battle, and of course the retro games from SEGA are priceless.

The BTA tier does offer some great value with Valkyria Chronicles being one of the finest games ever made for the Playstation 2(and was later ported to Windows with superb controls). Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II is a hybrid of RTS and RPG in that you don't have any base building aspects, instead you control four squads (technically 1 hero and three hero led squads) across a massive series of campaigns. While the scenarios are not very long, they are quite rewarding as you can level up your heroes, collect loot (weapons, armors, accessories) and customize your gear from the squad deployment screen, before heading to battle.

Buy the Humble SEGA Strategy Bundle for $1 (or more) and get gaming. While you are at it, you can also get the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Standard Version for the Xbox One from Amazon (US only) for just $10, normally costs $40.