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Giveaway and review SUPER ANTISPYWARE full version license worth 39.90 USD

The good thing is Mike from SUPERAntiSpyware has generously sponsored with a lifetime license to giveaway. So one lucky reader would get an opportunity to win that license, And thank you very much Mike for that license.

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I have had many sleepless nights sitting in front of my friends and clients computer to try removing the stubborn malwares/spywares. I have always had to use a combination of security products to achieve a stable environment in their computer. With millions of new virus, malwares, spywares and many more infection being born and contaminating millions of people’s computer every day, it is really hard to relay on one such product that would protect us from these entire virus threats. With such many new spywares on the air, many security vendors have started to strengthen their security suite and have decided to take it to the next level and to be on par with the increasing threats to provide a secure system to their clients. once when I had to attend one of my clients, whom I doubted was heavily infected by spyware, I had to run through series of security products for hours to try and identify the spywares alone, the scans clearly stated the types of spywares, rootkits... in his system. Now I had to eradicate these threats at the earliest because I found a number of info stealers and rootkits infecting his system. But unfortunately my primary security products were unable to remove these stubborn spywares, so I decided to try one of the most effective and popular antispyware known as SUPERAntiSpyware free edition and surprisingly it was able to find and eradicate every single spywares in his system with ultimate ease. From that time SUPERAntiSpyware became a mandatory tool for me when it comes to eradicating I thought I would very well share a few points about this ace spyware removal utility with my readers

SUPERAntiSpyware version 4 was released on 03/06/2008 this was a major upgrade from their previous versions. And the current version is version 4.36, which was released on 4/29/10. Though the name suggests that it is an antispyware but it is capable of eradicating the following type of threats from your computer: Spyware, Adware and Remove Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, Key Loggers, Hijackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats.

So now you may wonder is SUPERAntiSpyware only capable of removing the threats, isn’t it able to protect you from these threats? Do not panic now you should understand one point and soon get yourself to live this way. No single security product is capable of providing 100% protection against all the security threats and SUPERAntiSpyware cannot replace your traditional antivirus/internet security suite. SUPERAntiSpyware is only an on demand scanner or a secondary layer of protection to your system it helps from identifying and removes threats that are not found and treated by your traditional security suite. Though SUPERAntiSpyware has the following version of products to cater to your needs

Product Feature

SUPERAntiSpyware Free

SUPERAntiSpyware Pro


Quick, Complete and Custom Scanning of Hard Drives, Removable Drives, Memory, Registry, and More!




Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, keyloggers, Hijackers and many other types of threats.




Trust Items and Exclude Folders for complete customization of scanning




Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with our unique Repair System!




First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.




Real-Time Blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software (spyware, adware, worms, dialers, hijackers, keyloggers)  from installing or re-installing.




Registry Protection against Browser Hi-Jackers and other threats.




Schedule either Quick; Complete or Custom Scans Daily or Weekly to ensure your computer is free from harmful software.




Auto-Scanning on application startup ensures a clean system daily.




Automatic Updates check for program and definition updates every 8 hours.

Manual Only



Daily Definition Updates provide immediate detection of new threats




Free System Diagnostic to locate new threats on your computer




Free E-Mail Support to help resolve issues immediately




1. SUPERAntiSpyware free

2. SUPERAntiSpyware pro

3. SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner: The scanner features complete scanning and removal engine and will detect AND remove over 1,000,000 spyware/malware infections. The scanner does NOT install anything on your Start Menu or Program Files and does NOT need to be uninstalled. The scanner contains the latest definitions so you DO NOT need Internet Access on the infected system to scan.

From above you may have understood the main difference between the SUPERAntiSpyware free and SUPERAntiSpyware pro.

SUPERAntiSpyware Professional features highly advanced Real-Time Protection to ensure protection from installation or re-installation of potential threats as you surf the Internet.

So I decided to go and continue my test with the pro edition which had rich features. [The good thing is now you get a lifetime subscription] so I did not think twice and went ahead and continue to install the trial pro version, the installation was smooth and easy. And believe me it doesn’t promote a third party toolbar unlike many other products on market do now a days. You would see a similar screen on executing the installation



Though you download the EXE file from their site just before you start installing .it prompts to update the database to check for latest updates, this is really good as you are sure to get the latest and updated protection. This is also good in case if you have an old installer this would make sure you get updated before you start the scan.



Once the update is done the installation takes less than a minute which includes a diagnostic report analysis and submission to the SUPERAntiSpyware research lab.


Unlike many applications which tend to change the homepage of your browser, SUPERAntiSpyware prompts a unique and most desirable question of protecting the homepage from being changed.


It also monitors your browser setting and warns you when there is an attempt to change the current homepage.

This is the cool and attractive interface you would see once the complete installation is done


The user interface is very simple and intuitive, both expert and a novice user will have no problem handling such a simple yet powerful interface.

You decide which drive, folders you like to scan for virus/spyware, there is basically three type of scan

1. Quick scan

2. Complete scan

3. Custom scan


The left pane shows the available drives including internal, external hard drive, USB, DVD DRIVE. And the right pane lets you choose what type of scan you intend to perform on the selected drives.

I wanted to perform a full scan on the 10 of the 12 available drives; the scan was really fast and accurate, the result returned was precise.


Moreover it just took 13.49 minutes to perform a full scan on my 1TB hard disk with more than 400GB of data.


The best thing is SUPERAntiSpyware gives you a detailed report on the types of infections on your system.


From the scan if you think any of the file detected by SUPERAntiSpyware as spyware but in reality it is harmless you may add the item to the trust/allow item, manage allowed items. You may also report to SUPERAntiSpyware lab that the file is false positive, so that on future if SUPERAntiSpyware finds this file really as false positive then it wouldn’t term it as a spyware. If you are not sure that what type of threat the detected item poses to your system you may look to SUPERAntiSpyware database to help you in understand it in a much better way and decide if you want to keep it or eradicate it.


Once you scan and remove the spyware the SUPERAntiSpyware prompts you to reboot the computer which you may decide depending on the type and tendency of work you are carrying out at the moment, but I would recommend you to reboot immediately for avoiding any further infection and complete the removal process.

You may change the way SUPERAntiSpyware works by selecting preferences in the main interface; you would see a window similar to this with 8 tabs


One of the most unique and powerful feature of SUPERAntiSpyware is to perform a repair function which allows the user to recover/repair settings frequently fractured by malware, and which are often not recoverable in spite of removing the malware, these are few possible Repair that could be carried out; broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with the unique Repair System.


When idle or when running a scan the SUPERAntiSpyware is very light on system



Light on System Resources and won't slow down your computer like many other anti-spyware products. And built to work alongside of your traditional antivirus/internet security suite.

Thus I keep admiring at this beauty, and SUPERAntiSpyware has been an integral part of my rescue kit for a long and I would definitely recommend it to one and all.

More good news is now the subscription of the pro version is just 29.95$ and if you would like to make it a life time subscription just pay some 9.95$ so for just 39.90$ you get this powerful tool for lifetime, so why wait till you face a problem, instead be smart and buy this beforehand.

To download or know more about SUPERAntiSpyware it could be found here

This post is written By Shiva, guest writer for Geekiest.Net 

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