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Facebook and Whitehouse Celebrates Pride

Supreme court of United States of America ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage yesterday, June 26, 2015. After the verdict White House added lights to turn  on the rainbow colors on it.

same-sex marriage USA Superme court verdict

Facebook added a new page which allows you to add the Rainbow effect on your profile picture and set it as you profile picture.

facebook Celebrates Pride

Earlier we have posted about the Google logo change based on the Russia’s Anti-Gay Law (Google Home page Changed–Winter Olympics and against Russia’s Anti-Gay Law)

Rainbow flag/Gay Pride Flag/LGBT flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay pride and social movements. It is designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978. Which got modified many times after that.

Here are the colors of the current Rainbow Flag  and their meanings

hot pink: sexuality

red: life

orange: healing

yellow: sunlight

green: nature

turquoise: magic/art

indigo/blue: serenity/harmony

violet: spirit

From Geekiest, Happy Pride!