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BioShock Remastered PC versions criticized for not fixing old bugs


A few days ago, we reported that 2K Games would be publishing the remastered versions of its classic FPS games, Bioshock and Bioshock 2, as part of The Bioshock Collection along with Bioshock Infinite.

bioshock collection
Well, the pack was launched on September 15th, and that's juts about the good thing about the games as of now.

Gamers on reddit and Steam have slammed the new remastered versions, and have termed them as bad console ports. In fact, BioShock Remastered currently has a 50% positive rating from a total of 577 reviews on Steam. BioShock 2 Remastered stands with a 41% positive rating from 77 reviews. The developers state on the Steam pages that the games have "High Resolution Textures, Models and Interface Art", but it turns out that and that the so called new graphics are just a texture pack, and some resolution options, with a slightly better FOV.

Another downside is that the remastered versions still suffer from the same bugs as the originals. FOV and mouse issues have not been fixed, and disabling the art subtitles (where text is displayed when you focus on graffiti, objects, etc). still pops up their descriptions. Take a look at Rock Paper Shotgun’s article for a bunch of fixes.

But we still recommend fans to buy the remastered versions, because they come with the original versions bundled in. The games themselves are fantastic, its just that the optimizations are not good enough.

But you should wait for a sale, which is likely to happen during October/November in time for Halloween, and later on in December for the holiday season. Another reason why we suggest the original versions, is that they still offer more video resolutions than the remastered ones.