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Are you buying products online ?– things to consider -part II

Are you buying products online –part II

The things you should consider while purchasing products online, earlier we had a post about the topic “Are you buying products online ?” in which we have discussed about how you can get discounts. Here we are discussing about some other points.

Compare the prices with other websites

When you found a product on a website, always have a check with other websites.  The product may be available for cheaper price on some other websites. There are websites which can compare the price for a product with many other websites. We have posted about a Chrome Add-on earlier which can help you to compare the prices. Compare prices across online stores in India - Chrome Add-on

Do not believe the price/discount showed on a website

While visiting some online shopping websites you may found that they are giving some 90% discount for a product. If you know the actual price of the product then it is Ok, otherwise don’t buy it in a hurry. The above step can save you.  The discount showed on the site may not be true.

Compare the final Price

You may have heard about the famous One rupee Sale on IndiaTimes , we too covered it earlier (One Rupee Sale). The products are selling for a price of INR 1Are you buying products online – things to consider -part II

When you compare the price of the product with other sites, you will not get this product cheaper than this. But, when you add the shipping price with the product price, the one rupee sale may be having higher price than many other sites. India times shows shipping charges nearly 400 while other sites may be shipping it for free. So you should consider this point while comparing the price between the sites.

Here is another example from same website Amazon,

compare price of amazon offers

Happy Shopping Smile and all the best