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Things to consider when buying a mobile phone

Things to consider when buying a phone

Now a days there are so many choices for you to select from. So which phone you will buy ? Other than the budget there are many things you want to think about. like Operating System, Hardware, Service. You can find some cool second hand mobiles here

In the latest cell phones operating systems, the most famous ones are the Android, iOS and Windows Operating Systems. The Advantage of Android and iPhone over the Windows is the Store , you have a huge list of applications to choose from. Windows store application are getting increased while it is no where near other stores. Regarding the user friendliness we will say it depends on users. You need to feel the phone and also what ever phones you use you will get used to it with in some 3 – 5 days.

You can choose from a powerful processor or average one or a small one. You need to choose these kind of things based on how you are going to use your phone.  Windows phones may work well with just 512 MB of RAM while the Android phones may not be that good with it. regarding iOS devices you don’t have choices, so if you decided to go for an iOS device just choose what Apple is providing.

Storage a phone may or may not have an external memory card slot, also the battery may be removable or not, so those are also need to be considered. Removable batteries are helpful if you are a heavy user. An additional battery will be helpful for you.

Now a days Camera is also  considered while purchasing a phone. Another thing you need to consider on the hardware section is screen size, resolution and type, a wide range of displays in different sizes is available to choose from

Next thing which we will not check normally is service centers, (this is not a concern for those who are living in cities, but rural users may have a look on this), If something happened wrong where you will take the phone to ? I always prefer to buy a phone which have an authorized service center near my place.

There are many websites which helps you to choose a right phone for you with in your budget (if your demands are reasonable). Some sites like Phone arena ( gives so many options to search with.

So here are the main things

1. Budget

2. Operating System

3. Hardware

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Camera
  • Display
  • Battery
  • Memory card slot
  • Keyboard

4. Service