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Anno 1800 announced for PC, to be released in Winter 2018

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced a new game, called Anno 1800, in the popular empire building series. The upcoming game takes players back to the past, after a couple of futuristic titles which weren't exactly great.

Anno 1800 docks
Anno 1800, as the name suggests is set in the 19th century, and will see players in a story based campaign, a sandbox mode which will be customizable and online multiplayer. The game will see a return of AI opponents, trade via sea, random maps, etc.

Here's the official Anno 1800 Announcement Trailer:

In terms of graphics Anno 1800 does look stellar, with bright green landscapes, seas and harbours, Zoos, grain farms, and cities with Victorian era buildings.

Anno 1800 farms

Anno 1800 zoo

Anno 1800 docks 2

Anno 1800 strike

Anno 1800 will be released in Winter 2018, which is well over a year away. But Ubisoft does have its hands full with upcoming games like Far Cry 5 which is set for a February 27th 2018 release, Assassin's Creed: Origins which will be launched on October 27th, a pirate themed Skull & Bones game among other games.

We wish Blue Byte would revive the Settlers series, but after the disaster that was Champions of Anteria (Settlers 8) and the mediocre Settlers 7 games, we don't have high hopes for one.