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200 Rupees Note introduced in India

The Reserve bank of India has introduced a new denomination banknote with a face value of Rs.200. The new note is Yellow in colour, and has a picture of Mahatma Gandhi, the signature of RBI Governor, Dr. Urjit R. Patel and the Ashoka Pillar emblem on one side, and a motif of the Sanchi Stupa and the Swachh Bharat logo with slogan on the other side.

200 Rupees Note introduced in India

The new ₹ 200 banknote is 66mm × 146mm in size, and is very similar in size to the ₹ 500 note (66mm x 150mm). The ₹ 2000 note is bigger (66 mm x 166 mm). Of course you can differentiate the notes easily via their colours, so pay attention to it.

₹ 200 - Yellow
₹ 500 - Stone Gray
₹ 2000 - Magenta

Though it hasn't specifically been mentioned, we think the introduction of the ₹ 200 note is part of the demonitazion process by the Modi Government in India. This will be well received in the Country, as it is quite difficult to get change for ₹ 2000 and ₹ 500 notes which were introduced in November 2016, to replace the the Rs.1000 notes which was demonetized. Our guess is that there are not enough ₹ 100 notes, to meet with the demand.

On the funny side, now people will ask us if we have change for ₹ 200, which will be a new problem.

via: RBI