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Moto G and Moto X may be recalled in Germany.

Moto G and Moto X are one of the most popular android phones on the market. They have sold a lot of shipments and with great updates support from Motorola, the buyers are pleased and more are willing to buy more.

But this successful wave of big shipments, high profits, high acclaim and a satisfied user base has hit a snag. Motorola phones have encountered a speed bump in Germany which may cause them to recall and stop selling all their handsets in Germany. The litigation pending in the German courts is that of copy right infringement. Just after Lenovo bought Motorola from Google, it has been found that Motorola phones aka the Moto G and Moto X sold in Germany infringe on copyrights of LPKF.

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The litigation is that Motorola phones are using Antennas of LPKF without proper remuneration which amounts to infringement. LPKF laser electronics is an electronics equipment manufacturer in Germany. Due to these issues it has been told that Motorola needs to recall all its Moto G and X handsets and stop selling them. It remains to be seen if previous buyers are stripped of their handsets as well or not. This has put some issues into the other wise smooth selling spree of Motorola phones. Especially Germany being a developed market with a lot of geeky users, it may cost Motoroala dear if they have to do the recall. Not only Motorola will loose profits on new sales it will also need to refund users the money of those who already purchased the device and will also leave a whole lot of unsatisfied users.

Although the recall seems eminent it is yet to be seen whether LPKF will pursue their case against Motorola or not. If they press the case then it may be a dead end for Motorola. It also remains to be seen if this case is pushed in other countries as well, which could badly affect Motorola. On Motorola's part they are going to appeal the German courts to prevent the recall of their devices. Moto may also decide to pay the licensing fees and settle the issue with LPKF once and for all. More details may emerge soon on whether this case will be tried in other countries as well.   

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