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iPhone 8 leak hints at bezel-less all-front display with rounded corners

A new leaked photo of the iPhone 8, courtesy of evleaks, hints at a bezel-less display. Normally, we ignore iPhone 8 leaks, as many of them look dubious, but when it comes from a reliable source as Evan Blass, we think it can be trusted.

iPhone 8 all front display rounded edges

The case in point (pun intended), shows the iPhone 8 enclosed in an Urban Armor case. It does look quite chunky, but that is the case's design and not the phone.

The iPhone 8, if it is the real McCoy, looks gorgeous. You can see what appears to be a selfie lens and some another sensors, on either side of an ear piece, on the front panel of the iPhone 8. The rest of the panel's real estate, is all screen baby. This appears to be a truly edge to edge display, and not like Samsung Galaxy S8's infinity display with the dual curves. The iPhone 8 appears to have its display spreading from corner to corner, which by the way have rounded edges, much better than what LG did with the G6, as the iPhone 8 has almost no bezels, which in turn makes for a truly immersive experience.

The wallpaper on the device clearly highlights the display's design and quality.

And here’s a model of the iPhone 8 with a similar design in a video by MKBHD. It shows the vertical dual rear cameras and the glass back of the iPhone 8 too.

Let's just hope this is indeed the iPhone 8, but only time will tell the answer.