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Windows 9: “Start Menu” replaces the Start Screen for Desktop users

We have more information about Windows 9 today, specifically the Start Menu which were talking about yesterday.

Windows 9 Start Screen

The Start Screen, and the lack of a start button, were some of the things that put off users from even trying Windows 8. And, Microsoft are giving Windows a major makeover in Windows 9, trying to replace the Metro UI as much as possible, in a bid to attract more users. It’s not completely gone though, you will still have an option to enable and use the Metro Interface, just that it will be disabled by default.

The Start Screen, is one of the components which is being reworked on, and will be replaced by the Start Menu. Although, it will not be the same as the one in Windows 7, it certainly does look similar to it. It is actually based on the Start Screen of Windows 8.x.

The OS will detect the type of device you are using, i.e (PC, Tablet, etc), and if you are using a Windows Tablet or a touch screen device without a keyboard, you will get the Start Screen. If you are on a PC, it will boot to the desktop, with a Start Menu, that can also run in full screen.

The combination of the Tiles + Start Menu certainly looks appealing, but should you prefer, you will be able to switch to an app list interface, and back.

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