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WhatsApp Video Calls are now available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices

WhatsApp has officially announced that it is rolling out a new feature, to make Video Calls, in its instant messaging app. The feature was originally available in the beta version of its Android app, a few weeks ago. To use that feature, people had to enroll in the beta channel, which can be buggy at times. 

WhatsApp Video Call 2

(WhatsApp video call UI)

Now you longer have to join the beta group, as Video Calling available in the regular or stable version of WhatsApp.  The feature is available for WhatsApp on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices.

Here are some screenshots of WhatsApp Video Calling on Android:

WhatsApp video call WhatsApp Video Call 3

To make a voice call, open a WhatsApp conversation, and tap on the phone dialer icon. This will give you two options, a Voice Call and a Video Call. Choosing the second option will make the video call. Note, for this feature to work, the person you are calling also needs to have the current version of WhatsApp installed on their phone. The Calls tab lists video calls and audio calls separately, and you can also tap on the camera or phone icon listed there, to make a video or audio call.

In other news, WhatsApp has added a Status updates tab similar to Instagram Stories, in the beta channel of its app. To join WhatsApp beta, simply open the Play Store app, search for WhatsApp and scroll down the app’s listing tlll you see a join beta option, and opt-in to it.