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What every man thinks about apart from sex - A best Seller blank Book


What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex by Sheridan Simove is one of the Best Sellers, which costs £4.69. This is a 200 page book which have nothing printed inside. It became a surprise best seller and it outsold “Harry potter” and “Davinci code”


“Author” Sheridan Simove said: “This book is the result of 39 years of painstaking research and practical study into the subject. I left nothing to chance and really threw myself into my work.

“After many years of hard work I finally realised that men think of absolutely nothing apart from sex. It was a shocking conclusion and I realised that the world needed to be informed of my findings.

“I never thought for one moment that my life’s work would be embraced by Britain’s students in their thousands. It is very gratifying to see my book outselling many other academic works whose authors claim to have worked even harder than I to break new ground and further the extent of human knowledge.”

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WHAT EVERY MAN THINKS ABOUT APART FROM SEX (blank inside) is a two hundred page book and every page is totally blank. The front and back cover are realistic representations of a self-help pseudo-psychology book. This book contains no words inside whatsoever - just two hundred blank pages. This book is a humorous talking point and can also be used very effectively as a notebook...