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Viber updated to 4.2 – gets Contact / Number blocking feature

Viber - the popular VoIP app – got the much awaited “blocking” feature in its latest update to version 4.2.


Usually Viber uses your phone number as your Viber ID. The app automatically syncs your local contact list, thereby automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber. So, for all the contacts that have Viber, they can reach you (on Viber) with no option available to ignore, block or hide from them.


However, the latest update of Viber (version 4.2) released 23-Jan-2014 includes a feature that will allow you to block any number or contact from calling you or sending you messages. Alas, you can finally turn off your foes away easily.


As of now this new feature is available only on Android application. You can access this option from Settings->Privacy->Block List. From here you have to enter the number which you want to block. I couldn’t find a way to block the contact from the contact list. So you have to manually enter the number(s) you want to block.


The other noticeable updates included in version 4.2 allow you to customize message and call sounds, to send up to 10 photos at the same time, provide native contacts integration to call/message someone directly from within Viber, and provide a new media gallery (photo and video) to use within conversations.


You can get the updated app from Google Play link here.


As always Viber comes for Free and with no-advertisements.


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