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How to transfer balance from one Airtel to another Airtel number

Here is the step by step instructions on how you can transfer your Airtel balance to another Airtel mobile number when your friend runs out of Airtel prepaid balance and needs to make a call, but there are no stores nearby to recharge the number.

How to transfer balance from one Airtel to another Airtel number

The Airtel Gifting Service allows you to share talk time from one Airtel prepaid number to another.Here is the simplest steps

Dial *141# from your phone and select Share talk time from the response you receive.  Enter the amount you want to transfer to the other Airtel number and on the next steps see the charges confirm that and enter the receiving mobile number. You can see a detailed step by step instructions below if you have any confusion.

How to transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel

1. Dial *141# from your mobile, and wait for the menu options to appear:

It looks similar to this this:

1 -  Share talk time

2. Adv Internet

3. Take Adv talktime / Ask TT

4. Auto Credit

5. Gift pack

6. Poke call

7. Call me back SMS

8. Happy Hours

9. Account

10.  Help.

2. Select the  “Answer” button and enter “1”  to select “Share talk time”, and press the “Send” button.

3. You will receive a notification to enter any amount between 5 and 40. Select answer and you will need to enter the amount you want to transfer: (You can share a minimum of amount of Rs. 5 and a maximum amount of Rs. 40 with your friends provided you have a minimum balance of Rest. 10 post deduction (inclusive of service fee) You can share talk time up to 5 times a day and 30 times in a month.

4. The next screen will display details on how much you’ll be charged for including the service tax. When i tried to transfer 5 i got a message saying i will be charged INR 7 including a service charge of INR 2. If you are ok with that select answer and enter your friend’s mobile number, to which you wanted to transfer the balance to.

5. Press the”send” button after entering the number.

6. You will receive a message with the transaction details including, the amount of money transferred to the number you entered, and the amount+ service tax you were charged for.

7. Your friend will receive a message which tells them, the amount you’ve gifted.

Visit the Airtel Gifting Service webpage to know more about the services offered.

Note: This website - service is down now it seems.