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Solutions for Windows XP Issues

This utility will help you when you have some common issues, which may be due to virus or some other issues. This is a utility which does not need installation. Just download, run and click on the issue you need to fix, that's all.

There are two files in this , the first one (LFX.exe) is having a GUI and below is the list of issues this can fix.

  • Enable Task Manager
  • Enable Registry Editor
  • Stop My Documents opening at startup
  • Enable Folder Options
  • Restore missing Run dialog (Start menu => Run)
  • Enable Command Prompt
  • Restore My Computer properties
  • Restore Device Manager
  • Fix delay in opening My Computer/Explorer
  • Restore grayed Explorer and Taskbar toolbars
  • Restore My Documents properties
  • Remove OEM splash and wallpaper
  • Restore My Network Places to Desktop
  • Enable Recovery Console
  • Restore grayed file associations
  • Fix right-click error
  • Fix slow network file/shared/remote
  • Restore Network icon to system tray
  • Fix slow hotkeys
  • Fix CD/DVD drive is missing or not recognized
  • Fix CD Autoplay
  • Restore "Send To" context menu item
  • Restore the native ZIP file integration
  • Fix error 1606 couldn’t access network location
  • Error when trying to access Add or Remove/ Program


Second file is a command line utility which you can use to

  • enable the Task Manager
  • enable the Registry Editor
  • enable the Folder Options
  • restore the Run Dialog
  • restore My Computer Properties

You can read more and download the utilities here