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Get Windows 7 Taskbar, Explorer and Start Menu for Windows XP

ViGlance is an application which can bring the Taskbar features of the Windows 7 into the Windows Xp.  It includes

1. Window Thumbnails – Show window thumbnail when you place the cursor on the taskbar

2. Pin – you can pin your favorite applications to taskbar, will open the application and will refer to that opened application after opening.

3. Start button – It will change the Xp start button to Windows 7 Start button.



ViStart will make the start menu work like  windows 7 or Vista.  This allow you to find and launch an application faster.


ViSplore will allow you to convert your windows explorer look and function like Windows 7. This will add breadcrumbs which will help you to explore faster.


You can get them from here

(All images are taken from the corresponding product pages)

[Via Cybernet News]