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Snapdeal happy hours - check this before you buy

SnapDeal happy hours–check this before you buy

For SnapDeal buyers who are excited to use the happy hours offers from them, just read what happened yesterday.

I was trying to buy a Lumia 1320 and when I received the Happy hours message I thought I will use the coupon code to buy it where I can get INR 1500 off for products above 15,000.  But when I tried to purchase suddenly I noticed that the price of the phones are changed, every one is increased atleast INR 1000.

For example here is the price for the Lumia 1320 black yesterday (at the time of happy hours)


Black-All sellers

and today see the price here. Now almost all of the sellers reduced price as the Happy hours are over.

A product was added to the shopping cart and after the price change SnapDeal displayed the following message

Happy hours on snapdeal - price increase reason

We are not saying this is applicable for all products, but we are just warning to check the price of products with other sellers. And if you are snapdeal customer, make sure you know the price of the product before the happy hours and at the time of the happy hours.

Btw just now Ashwin showed me this (on the mobile application of snapdeal)


Sony Xperia T2 Ultra black mobile phone for just INR 175 with 99% discount. We still don’t know what will happen if we book the phone for this price.