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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 is headed to iOS on July 2nd

Sid Meier’s games, are hugely popular amongst fans of the Strategy and Simulation genres.

Civilization Revolution

Now, iOS gamers can jump and down with joy, because Civilization Revolution 2 is headed your way.

The game will be developed by 2K’s company, Firaxis Games, which was originally founded by Meier and his colleagues. Civilization Revolution 2, is a turn based game in the Civilization series. The 1st version of Civilization Revolution which was released 5 years ago, proved to be a hit at the iTunes Store. And the sequel should be even better, because it has been red-designed from scratch for mobile devices, to give gamers the best possible experience using touch controls.

The game will have the player lead a Civilization from ancient times to the modern world, and will feature historical leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Napoleon Bonaparte, and more.

Firaxis have announced that an Android version of the game is in the works. Civilization Revolution 2,will be released for iOS devices, on the 2nd of July.

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