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Quell Memento+ the zen puzzler with the amazing soundtrack is on sale for Rs. 10 in India [Google Play Store]

Quell Memento+, the zen puzzler from FallenTreeGames is known for two things. It has more than a hundred levels of puzzles, but what we like best is the amazing soundtrack it comes with.

Quell Memento Plus Sale

We recommend playing it with headphones of course. Quell Memento+ is not a new game though, it was part of the Quell series which debuted in 2012. The fact that it has a 4.8 rating on Google Play reflects its quality, it totally deserves the numbers.

Quell Memento+ has you solving levels, where you have to move the raindrop from point A to B. There are various obstacles in your way, some of which may require strategical thinking to solve. The game has achievements, hidden collectibles, supports cloud sync, and even has some voice narrated sections too.

Quell Memento Plus Gameplay

Quell Memento Plus Achievements

Quell Memento Plus Collectibles

Not convinced yet? Do yourself a favour and download the free ad-supported version of Quell Memento, which has about 48 levels of the game. Do note that Quell Memento+ has 148 levels, and has no ads. The IAPs for additional coins or a skeleton key, are completely optional.

Quell Memento Plus IAPs

You can buy the game for dirt cheap, as Quell Memento+ is on sale for just Rs. 10 in India, on the Google Play Store. The game is also on sale in many other Countries for the same price, which is around $0.20.The sale will end in 7 days.