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QKSMS Android app is now FREE and Open source

QKSMS Android app is now FREE and Open source

QKSMS is a beautiful SMS application for your Android devices. Earlier the developer made it a FREE application and later he changed it to open source too. If you are an android Developer you can get the source code of this project from the GitHub.

I believe that an SMS app that is built by the community has the potential to be so much better than something created by a company, and I want to see that happen. I spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not this is the right way to go, but at the end of the day, the answer without any doubt, is yes. The whole point of an app like this is to provide a better experience, and as I've mentioned before, you cannot provide the best experience when you have ads or premium features. Instead of looking at QKSMS as a small business, I'm looking at it as a project. A project whose objective is for the betterment of the Android community as a whole

Read the announcement from reddit  here

few screenshots below

QKSMS Android app features1 QKSMS Android app features2 QKSMS Android app features3 QKSMS Android app Screenshot2 QKSMS Android app Screenshot3 QKSMS Android app Screenshot5 QKSMS Android app Screenshot6 

If you like the application, you can get it from Google Playstore, and if you are looking for the source code it is here