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America's most elite dogs


Today I came across a video on YouTube by CBS News. I really like that video and thought about sharing it with our readers. I also found a lengthy video by Defense International Security services on  The full story for military dogs in Afghanistan, which have a length of  one hour and 24 minutes.

First, Sniffing Out Bombs: America's most elite dogs  which covers few working dogs and their trainers

They says more than 42 dogs in Afghanistan and a Taliban commander says they have received instructions to shoot the dogs first and then the soldiers, which clearly shows how effective they are in the war field. The wounded dogs will get the same care which a soldier will get. After retirement from military they will get appointed to law enforcement and those who cant work will be taken care by the War dogs welfare association.

If you are a dog lover, you will really like this video for sure. Few points I liked are

They do not know what fear is because they do not know when they are in danger

Dogs can smell each and every individual components in a beef stew like potatoes, onions, carrots, flavor, celery, etc., while human smell the beef stew only. That was a new information for me too Smile

One trainer says a dog broke his wrist in just 4 seconds, that will tell you how strong their jaw is

If you are interested in watching “The Full story for military dogs in Afghanistan “ here it is