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Microsoft Twitter Accounts

After Google twitter accounts, here are the Microsoft twitter accounts

Products & Services

MSWindows - For Microsoft Windows

ie - Internet Explorer

Bing - Bing search engine

bingcashback - Bing Cashback

WindowsLive - Microsoft Windows Live

liveframework - Windows Live Framework

livemesh - Windows Live Mesh

wlmessenger - Windows Live Messenger

SharePoint - SharePoint

bizspark - Microsoft BizSpark

zunemarketplace - Zune Marketplace

wmdev - Windows Mobile Development Team

microsofttag - Microsoft Tag

Office_Live - tweets from the Office Live Team

officelabs - Microsoft Office Labs

MSOfficeResKit - Microsoft Office Resource Kit Team

Microsoft_Xbox - Xbox

MSMyPhone - Microsoft My Phone Team

msaccess - Microsoft Access

SilverlightNews - Silverlight News (by Dave Campbell)

fixit4me - Microsoft Fix It

Live_at_edu - Microsoft Live

MSSurface - Microsoft Surface


Blogs, Communities, and Websites

ZuneInsider - ZuneInsider blog

ch9 - Channel 9

ch10 - Channel 10

ch8 - Channel 8

mixonline - Mix Online

MIX09 - The MIX09 Conference

AskTechNetUK - TechNet UK

SiteNamedDesire - A Website Named Desire

MSDN - Microsoft Developer Network

codeplex - Microsoft's open source project hosting site

MSExpression - Microsoft Expression Community Site

XNACommunity - XNA Creators Club



adCenterBlog - Microsoft adCenter

MicrsftTech4All - News from Microsoft Accessibility team

MicrosoftStore - The Microsoft Store

MicrosoftPress - Microsoft Press

Microsoft_Green - Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft

MSAdvertising - Microsoft Advertising

msPartner - Microsoft Partner Program

MVPAwardProgram - MVP Award Program

MSLearning - Microsoft Learning

MicrosoftUP - Microsoft Unlimited Potential

MSFTResearch - Microsoft Research

MSRobotics - Microsoft Robotics

bizspark - Microsoft BizSpark



XAMLEvents - Silverlight and WPF events

projectrosetta - Chronicling the trail from Flash to Silverlight

ContinuumShow - Exploring the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum