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Latest Nokia E63 Firmware Version 410.21.010

Nokia E63 latest Firmware Version 410-21-010

I have not checked for latest firm ware version for my Nokia E63. Today when i checked it showed a latest version 410.21.010. I have read some forum that there is a version 410.21.013 available for some other RM.

To check for latest firmware for your Nokia Symbian phone

1. Enter *#0000# on your phone to know what is the firmware version of your device

2.  visiting this page on Nokia (You need flash installed), Enter your product code  and check what is the latest firmware available

3. Install Pc Suite and Software Updator

4. Take a backup of your contacts and settings

5. Update firmware using Software Updater

5. Restore the settings

Or you can contact nearest Nokia Care Center and they will do it. This is the best option because if the update broke in the middle the phone may not be usable any more. So BE CAREFUl when you do it yourself.