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How to check PNR Status on WhatsApp

Railofy offers a WhatsApp boat which will help you to know the PNR status.


To know the PNR status via WhatsApp all you need to do is just save “+91 98811 93322” to your contacts. Open the contact in WhatsApp and just send the 10 digit PNR number, this boat will send you the current PNR status.

Railofy offers you an option to Waiting List & RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) protection. If your ticket do not get confirmed, you will get a flight ticket for the price of Train ticket or bus for Free. You can protect your WL / RAC PNR for a fees starting at ₹ 50 (The price depends on date of journey, Waiting List number, route , season etc.).

If your destination is away from Airport you can also opt for conveyance charge for a minimal charge (it also depends on the distance)