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How to change Wakeup word for Amazon Echo


How to change Wakeup word for Amazon Echo, that is the name you are using to address the device. By default the wakeup word will be “Alexa”. You can change it to any of the following Echo, Amazon and Computer. You may need to change this because the pronunciation is not recognized by Alexa, or  you like the other words more than the word Alexa. One of the main reason why people want to change the wake word is that they have multiple Amazon Echo setup inside their home and same wakeup word may conflict. Here is the unboxing photos of Amazon Echo dot, India

Here is how to change wake word on your Amazon Echo

1. Open Alexa application on phone. and select Settings from the left menu section. (here am using the screenshots from Android application)

Alexa menu

2. Click on the device you need to configure (make sure it is online), if you have multiple devices and you need to configure each one, you will have to repeat the steps for each device.

photo_2017-11-03_08-55-11 (2)

3. Scroll down and fin the Wake word section and click on that

Alexa Wakeup Word

4. Click on the Alexa Device wake word drop down. The warning says it will take few minutes to update the system after you save and you will not be able to use Echo during that time. But when I tried it was quick, so it may be depending upon your network I think.

photo_2017-11-03_08-55-10 (2)

5. It will display 4 options, choose the one you need


6. Click Save


Here is a small voice range test of Amazon Echo Dot Indian version