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Google wave invitation give away – winners - II

Am sorry that i could not post the result on 24th or 26th as promised, so instead of 5 i have chosen 6 from the list.

Here are they







Actually they are not the ones chosen first, but when i had a check, i could not find me in some peoples following list, so i just removed that and selected instead of those.

Reply me with your email address you need the invite (on twitter, Direct message or using the contact us form in this website, if you are using contact form, you must tweet that ), please inform me if you have already got one so that i can choose somebody else.

Those who are not in the list, Don't worry more wave invitations will come soon, next week. :)

Edit: – I got response from @NavadeHi, and @pkulkarni001 only, so am selecting another 4 from the remaining list and they are



@hrks and @bestanzon   – informed that already got one so chose @idanei instead

@Tyrbok – Am not in ur following list, so sorry


If any of them not responded with in 1 week i will choose somebody else.