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Google Wave Invitations Give Away



I have more invitations, so will give another 5 invitations on November 6th November 4th 2009. Rules are same as below. Those who entered for the previous time are already entered to the lucky draw (No need of twet and comment now). Good Luck.



I received a Google wave invitation yesterday. It is a really awesome tool. So Next Wednesday (21st October 2009) is the birthday of my daughter and i will give 5 Google wave invitations on that day. will choose 5 participants randomly.

You can read this post to know more about google wave.  Read this post to know what are the other ways you can get invitation

To participate

1. leave a comment here with your twitter username.

2. Follow @krishnans on twitter

3. Retweet the following message

RT @krishnans #googlewave #googlewaveinvite #wave - Google Wave Invitations Give Away -

Just remember it may take some time to get an invitation after i invited. It may take some days even says the Google wave team.


You can also have try on this site, they says they are giving it instantly. give that also a try(there are no lucky draw or some thing on that site, so it will be a better option to give that also a try). Remember it can take upto 48 hrs.

Steph Hannon (@twephanie) One of the project manager worked for Google wave says that

Please don't fall for these sites or twitter scams claiming to have 1000 or 2k or any number of Wave invites to give away - it isn't true!

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