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Google Project ARA–Pilot testing in Puerto Rico this year

Project ARA

Project ARA is a revolutionary idea from Google, where users can choose the parts of their phone. This will make upgrading of a phone easier and cheaper. We have covered it earlier here. Google had Project Ara developer's conference yesterday. Next one is on 2015, Jan 21 at Singapore and the remote locations will be Bangalore, Taipei and Tokyo.

Here is a video from Google ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) 

The video shows the pilot testing market will be Puerto Rico. It is expected to launch later this year.  Puerto Rico is chosen because of 75% of the population’s access to internet is via Mobile phones. Google will be working with two operators Open Mobile and Claro.

The basic phone price will be expected as $50. Users can choose the components as they like. That is if you need a better camera you can buy that module alone and integrate it with your phone without any issues.. Google will be making around 30 modules when they launch ARA, and it is expected that many hardware developers will be launching modules compatible with ARA.

Project Ara Developers Conference Day 1

Project Ara Developers Conference Day 2