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Google Allo web version to be released in a few weeks

Google Allo, the Assistant AI powered instant messaging service, will be released for desktops soon. The news is official, thanks to Amit Fulay, the head of Allo, Duo and WebRTC, who replied to a query from a Twitter user, as to when a web version will be launched.

Google Allo

Whether Google will release an actual desktop app is unknown, and given the company's record, we don't think there will be a standalone Windows application like Google Drive. So, we are likely looking at only the web version, and maybe a Google Chrome extension.

Is it too late for Allo though?

It is likely the case, but I don't think it is about making existing Allo users happy. It is more of a way to catch the attention of Hangouts desktop users, and make them shift to Allo. That is a pretty good move, especially considering that Google Chrome is the most popular web browsers for desktops.

Allo’s biggest problem:

The biggest problem for Google Allo, is that it lacks the user base of Hangouts. Even the now legacy IM, is considerably weaker thanks to the rise of smartphone apps for Android and iOS, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Of these both Telegram and WhatsApp offer web versions, as well as standalone desktop applications, which makes them more comfortable to use on a computer. If Allo offered such an application, it would drive more users to give it a shot.