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Giveaway - Zemana AntiLogger full version license

Giveaway - Zemana AntiLogger full version license

Different kind of malicious programs are affecting many computers, some of them want to access your financial data like banking passwords etc. by capturing your key strokes or by capturing your screenshots. Some others need the data from windows clipboard where we store the copied data to paste somewhere. There are also malware programs which will capture the webcam and microphone of your computer without your permission.

Zemana AntiLogger will look for such programs which will try to capture your key strokes and will help to protect your data like financial transaction etc.. This software does not use a definition files so that it does not need to be updated frequently to be safe like Anti-virus software.

Zemana AntiLogger will inform you the illegal application which will try to capture your key strokes, capture screenshots, access clipboard, access microphone and webcam, also will help you to shutdown such programs.

Features - Protects from

Key logger

Screen Capture

Clipboard remote access

Webcam and Microphone Hijacking

System Intrusion

Today there is a giveaway which will give 12 months license of Zemana AntiLogger  which will costs $29.95 otherwise. Get it from here