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Get data from Corrupt Excel and word files

Damaged Docx to txt is a freeware which will help you to retrieve the text from a corrupted docx file.

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Word 2007 files are actually zipped collections of XML files and XML as a format is unforgiving of data corruption.  The main text in Word 2007 docx files is found in document.xml file in the collection.  Damaged docx2txt uses CakeCMD , an unzipper that will unzip partially corrupt document.xml files.  Also the Perl routine used to extract the text from the document.xml file doesn't care about well-formedness of the XML, a possible stumbling block of Word 2007.

Corrupt xlsx to csv is a freeware to retrive data from corrupt xlsx files.

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Corrupt xlsx2csv is a new freeware GUI program for salvaging the data from corrupt Excel 2007 files.  Xlsx Excel 2007 files are really zipped collections of XML files.  The main raw data is contained in the sharedStrings and numbered worksheet XML files.  XML is a very unforgiving medium when it comes to data corruption, thus if the sharedStrings and or worksheet XML files become corrupt, Excel has difficulty recovering the unformatted data.

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