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Free Process Lasso PRO License giveaway - Real time PC optimization and automation

Free Process Lasso

Process Lasso a simple utility for your Windows computer which will control the processes and their priorities so that your PC will not hang. Normally processes can set their on CPU priority to gain more access to the CPU and while many programs try to access CPU with high priorities system may stop responding and none of the programs will stop executing.

Process Lasso have a feature named Probalance which will  intelligently set the priority of the processes so that the Windows process with highest priority will get more access to the CPU and will finish executing first. You can set priority of a program manually of the utility will set it automatically based on its database.

Other features

Game Mode – for highest performance for your high end games

Automatic power profile changer – save power while system is idle

SmartTrim RAM management – Intelligently free RAM from the memory  hogging programs.

The application have 32 bit and 64 bit versions. It also supports more than 10 languages.

If you are interested in this utility you can get a PRO version license from this giveaway page


Free Updates for 30 days

Can use last eligible version in that period indefinitely

ONE free license per customer


Thank you Mohammad.