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FREE Process Lasso Pro full version license Giveaway

FREE Process Lasso Pro 8.1 full version license Giveaway

Process Lasso is a task manager application for the Windows. This application have additional features such as system automation and task priority optimization etc., which will make it a better task management application available in the market now.

ProBalance feature of this application will make your system more responsive as it will adjust the priority of the services intelligently. You need not to do any configuration of it, just install and the application will do the rest.

You can automate processes using Process Lasso. If you want always run a service to run on the background, you can set it on the application. It will restart the application if it crashed or stopped. You can also set CPU use per process, write custom rules etc.

If you are using a laptop you may know the power of power profiles. Using process Lasso you can automatically switch power profiles based on certain rules. This will be handy for gamers, as they can set the High performance profile automatically when they start a specific game.

Smart Trim feature will help you to save RAM. unlike other RAM optimizers it will never trim an application you are using currently. It will intelligently clear you RAM from the memory hogging programs.

Process Lasso is a FREE application, while the Process Lasso Pro is a paid version of the application with more features than the free version. Additional features available on the PRO version are

Automate Power Profiles

Automate CPU Core Parking

Application Power Profiles

Process Watchdog (memory and CPU limits)

Instance count limits

Automatic Gaming Mode

CPU throttling

Anti-sleep processes

Keep processes running

Core engine as service

TweakScheduler tool

MultiMedia Scheduler tool

Access to older versions

Read more about the product – Process Lasso Home page

Now you can get the latest Process Lasso Pro version (Version 8.1) from the Giveaway of the Day website. Get it. Remember this license will cost you $32.95 otherwise.

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