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Flipkart and Myntra starts shipping to Kerala

Flipkart and Myntra starts shipping to Kerala

Earlier we have covered Flipkart - Won’t deliver all over India, and later updated the post with Flipkart stopped delivering to Kerala. Myntra which was acquired by Flipkart was shipping to more areas than Flipkart but stopped to Kerala.

This was problem for users as many electronic items especially mobile phones was available on Flipkart only, like Moto g, Moto E, Xiaomi Mi 3 etc.

Now Flipkart started to ship to Kerala, once again not to all areas. Now even more restricted areas. They will be accepting orders to cities like Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Palakkad, Kozhikode etc. only.

Myntra will be delivering to more areas than Flipkart.

So if you are from Kerala and Flipkart/Myntra started shipping to your area, please inform us, we will update the post. As of now neither Flipkart nor Mytra will ship to my area.

You can check your Pin code on Flipkart to see whether they will deliver to area or not.

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