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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei questions Flipkart's ad to sell the OnePlus 3 for Rs. 20,000, stating exclusivity with Amazon (Update: Flipkart removes the ad and store listing)

The OnePlus 3 may be sold for Rs.20,000 or lesser in India, this weekend. That is a whole Rs. 8,000 off of the regular price of Rs. 27,999.

OnePlus 3 Flipkart Rs 19999

If that is surpising or even possible, wait till you hear the rest of the story. The OnePlus 3 has been ecclusively sold on Amazon India's store, since it was launched.

Flipkart however has posted ads on its website and its app, saying that the OnePlus 3 will be on sale for Rs. 1_,999, which could be Rs. 19,999. The news reached OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, who questioned how this was possible, when the company has an exclusive partnership with Amazon.

OnePlus 3 Flipkart Rs 19999 sale

Now, this could be OnePlus' usual crazy way of creating hype for the sale, but something is not right here. OnePlus has stopped the sale of the OnePlus 3 in the U.S and the E.U. If we take a wild guess, chances are it may use its current inventory, to sell the OnePlus 3 on Flipkart, and the recently launched OnePlus 3T on Amazon India. Or it could slash the price on both websites after the sale. But either way, the CEO has to know about it, right? So this seems to be a tricky one.

OnePlus 3 Flipkart

The OnePlus 3 listing on Flipkart, says that the Soft Gold, 64 GB variant of the phone is coming soon, and that the price is Rs. 27,999. So, the OnePlus 3 for Rs. 20,000 sale, may be a temporary one, for 28.5% off the regular price, during the upcoming Big Shopping Days sale on Flipkart, which will run from 18th to 21th December.

Update 1:

In a statement which OnePlus sent to Geekiest, the company said: "OnePlus is focused on creating premium flagship smartphones. We have an exclusive partnership with Amazon in India. We advise customers to purchase OnePlus products only through official channels as we can't guarantee authenticity of the products sold elsewhere.”

Update 2:

Flipkart has removed the listing of the OnePlus 3 from its store, and has also removed the banner ad from its Big Shopping Days sale sneak peek page.

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