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Far Cry 5 could be set in the Wild West, rumoured to launch in September 2017

Far Cry 5 could be set in the Wild West, according to some rumours. 19th Century America, here I come. As a big fan of spaghetti movies and tv shows, most recently the Wild West setting in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, I have always wanted to play a western game.

Far Cry 5 trailer

Sure there is Red Dead Redemption, but as a PC gamer, there is literally zero games, which cater to my craving for duels, saloons, and the dry vast landscape. Rockstar has been painfully ignorant of the innumerable requests for bringing Red Dead Redemption to PC. But Ubisoft could fulfill our dreams, and it literally is tapping into a gold vein here.

According to Great Falls Tribune, a live action trailer, produced by Far Cry Primal producer, Jeff Guillot, features a battle between two men, near a hanging bell in Montana, with a train passing by about half a mile away. The producer had been looking for a Church n the prairie, on a hill, with  an open belfry for shooting the trailer, and this was it. The picture seen above shows a crew member flying a drone on the scene.

This video trailer was confirmed to be for a videogame, which is scheduled for a September 2017.  Guillot hinted that:

“This is a sequel to an existing global franchise,”

And apparently it will feature 5000 miles of land from from California to Montana. That is an amazing stretch for an open world game right?

How do we know its Far Cry 5? Wccftech reports that Jason Schreier, editor of Kotaku, replied positively to a forum post on Neogaf, after a user guessed “a Far Cry game”. The thread in question had people guessing over whether it would be Red Dead Redemption 2,or Call of Juarez, but only after the person guessed Far Cry, did Schreier gave a nod, which means the game which is likely called Far Cry 5, is the one mentioned by the news website.

This is not surprising though, as back in January 2015, Ubisoft held a poll asking users about which setting should Far Cry feature in the future, and one of the options in it was 19th century America.

Ubisoft is expected to make an official announcement at the E3 2017 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) conference scheduled to be held between June 13-15.