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Fake discount on Flipkart

Fake discount on Flipkart

This is about a post came on the official Facebook page of the Flipkart, which is posted by Manisankar Sen. A product named Canvera Wedges was showing actual price of INR 799 and with 50% discount Flipkart was selling it for INR 399. The product image clearly shows the Maximum retail price of that product is INR 399 only.

Now flipkart removed those products from the website.

Fake discount on Flipkart - 2

Here is another one, the price of this is edited later.

Users are sharing so many products with fake discounts on Flipkart, if you you know any other shopping websites showing fake discounts let us know, we will add them to this article.

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Earlier we have posted two articles about online shopping Are you buying products online ? and Are you buying products online ?– things to consider -part II. This article is proves how important is the second post is.

There are so many products selling on the online shopping websites with fake discounts. Once again we want to tell you that don’t buy things just because the website is showing some huge discounts. Check the two articles mentioned above and decide wisely.