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Facebook Messenger Is Now Available for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft have teamed up with Facebook to bring the social network’s popular texting app, Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Facebook Messenger Windows Phone 8

Facebook certainly took their time bringing it to Windows Phone, since Android, BlackBerry and iOS users have been using the app since 2011.

Joe Belfiore, had announced last week, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that Microsoft had been working with Facebook to bring the app for Windows Phone 8. And rumors said that the app would not be released until the 8.1 update goes live. So this comes as a bit of a surprise.

However, it is not all good news, since the app lacks useful features such as Voice Messages and Calling, which Android and iOS versions have.

One of the key features in the Windows Phone version, is that you can check your messages without having to open Facebook .

Download Facebook Messenger for free from the Windows Phone Store.

The app is only compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices.