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Epic Games Store giveaway to feature a free game every 2 weeks, promo to start in a few weeks

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, launched its own store last week. But, have you heard about the Epic Games Store giveaway?

Epic Games Store giveaway

But first, let’s talk about the store. Epic Games isn't one to be afraid of making bold decisions. You may already know that the company refused to publish the mobile version of Fortnite on the Google Play Store. Instead, Android users can download the game and side-load it on their phones, though it does require enabling a security permission, which is slightly risky if you don’t know what you are doing.

So, why launch the Epic Games Store, when Steam, GOG, EA Origin, UPlay exist?

While I’m not sure about the rest of the stores, Steam is known to take up to 30% from the sales made from every game. That’s a huge deal, and not all developers like it. In comparison the Epic Games Store will only take 12% of the revenue, from developers. That’s incredible if you are a small-time game company/indie dev.

But, if you are wondering how well the Epic Games Store will do against the likes of Steam and GOG, in terms of the game catalogue, we are kind of with you. Thing is, Epic Games has already tied up with some popular devs to bring their games exclusively to their storefront. This includes Hades (by the creator of Bastion/Transistor), Super Meat Boy Forever, and Ashen (by Annapurna Studios), to name a few. Those aren’t AAA games, and even these are said to be temporarily exclusive on the Epic Games Store, before they eventually make their way on Steam or other stores.

Epic Games Store does say it supports regional pricing but we don’t see any prices or an option to change the currency yet. So, until that arrives, Steam will be my go-to solution for buying games.

Epic Games Store giveaway

And now we come to the Epic Games Store giveaway news. What better way to attract new users than by handing out some freebies? The Epic Games Store giveaway will start on December 14th, and the first game to go free, will be Subnautica. This will be followed by Super Meat Boy, which isn’t surprising considering the sequel is going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and they want to promote their older game from December 28th.

We will update you when the Epic Games Store giveaway begins.