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Civilization 6 Demo launched on Steam, play the tutorial and a 60 turn map for free

Civilization VI turned out to be one of the finest games released in 2016, and now you can experience the game for free, with the newly released demo for Windows PCs (yup, no demo for Macs yet). This will help you try the game before buying it.

Civilization VI demo 2
Demos are not only a way to find if you will like the game, but also a fantastic way to test the game's performance on your PC.

I played the Civilization 6 demo on my PC (i5-7500 and GTX750 Ti), and was able to play the game at almost max settings, at 60fps. This gives me confidence to buy the game, especially considering that it is on sale at the moment. But my immense back-log tells me to wait a turn. See what I did there?

Civilization VI demo Civilization VI demo 3

Anyway, you can download the Civilization 6 demo, from Steam. IT will allow you to play the tutorial level as either Cleopatra or Gilgamesh (Egypt and Sumeria), and a 60 turn map featuring Qin Shi Hunag on a map where the A.I plays as America. You can play the tutorial and the free map as many times as you want to, before buying the game The demo weighs about 3.4 GB to download and unpacks to about 6.3GB.

Civilization VI is available for Rs. 1,999 on Steam, which is a 20% discount off of its usual price of 2,499.