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CD/DVD drive not visible in My computer

today when power gone and my UPS didn’t worked properly machine got rebooted and windows check disk removed some files and fixed some issues due to the unexpected failure. After this i was not able to see my DVD/CD drive in the My computer window. So first i had a look in the Disk Management. (Right click on My computer icon => Choose manage => Select Disk management) its was not there.

I checked Device manager then (Same window as above, select dice manager). The DVD/CD ROM drives, it was shown as yellow (after clicking on the Plus sign).  I Uninstalled that driver. (Double click on that => Got to Driver Tab => Click Uninstall)

After that i had a search for new hardware, windows found this drive and installed the needed drivers for that automatically (Right click on the top most element [it will be your computer name], => Scan for hardware changes=> proceed as per the instructions then)